The Taylor Report

On the 17th April, 1989, the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Taylor was appointed by the Rt. Hon. Douglas Hurd, CBE, MP, to carry out an Inquiry with the following terms of reference:


"To inquire into the events at Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground on 15th April 1989 and to make recommendations about the needs of crowd control and safety at sports events".


His report was presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department in January, 1990.


This report, being the last one currently written in consequence of a football-related disaster in the United Kingdom, is particularly interesting and has 5 main headings:

Football: past and present
Safety at sports grounds
Crowd control and hooliganism
The Football Spectators Act 1989
Final recommendations.


Football Information

The University of Liverpool's Football Industry Group has produced some factsheets, one on the Hillsborough Disaster and Taylor Report and one on football hooliganism.


The Hillsborough Stadium disaster, 15 April 1989. Inquiry by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Taylor. Final report. London: HMSO; 1990, 109pp ISBN 0-10-109622-4. Buy it online for £16. Interim report also available.


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