The Wheatley Report

On 4th February, 1971, the Rt. Hon. Lord Wheatley was asked by the then Secretary of State for the Home Department and the then Secretary of State for Scotland to make an independent appraisal of the effectiveness of existing arrangements for crowd safety at sports grounds in Great Britain, and of the improvements which could be brought about within the present framework of the law.


He also considered the nature of any alterations in the law which appeared to be needed. This arose from the disaster at Ibrox where 66 spectators died.


Lord Wheatley ended his report saying:


"I trust this Report may be of assistance to you in deciding what should be done to solve this important question of crowd safety in football grounds. One thing is certain. The public demand for something to be done had been growing over the years. I am sure I am reflecting public opinion when I say something must be done now. The evidence certainly supports that view".


This particular report is summarised on pages 13 and 14 of the Popplewell Report.


More information on the Wheatley report can be found by following the 'Policy' link on the navigation bar above, then selecting 'The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds'.



Football Fact

2nd January, 1971, Stairway 13 at the Copland Road end when 66 fans died and 145 were injured at the end of a Rangers v Celtic match. Click on the photograph to the right.

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